Center for Blue Democracy About us

Our vision

We believe that provided with proper design and support people are capable of making high quality decisions that will benefit the common good. The challenges of today, from social, to economic, to environmental, require better decision-making processes. Ones that bring out the best in people, meaningfully engage them, and draw on their collective wisdom, enabling implementation of future-friendly solutions owned by the people. The aim of our initiative is to have binding citizens’ assemblies become a standard in all democratic countries worldwide, and to permanently embed them into modern day governance systems.

Our team

Marcin Gerwin, PhD – he is a specialist in deliberative democracy and sustainability. A political science graduate, the topic of his doctoral dissertation focused on sustainable development in the context of global challenges. He designs democratic processes and runs citizens’ assemblies. He is an author of “Citizens’ Assemblies: Guide to democracy that works”, as well as “A Constitution Created by the Citizens” and a co-author of “Rivendell Model”. Apart from democracy-related issues, he gives self-care and flow workshops.

Karolina Woźniakco-manages the association. She worked at several corporations and a B Corp company, at the moment she is focused on women empowerment projects. She is interested in developing strong female leadership and creating ethical businesses.

Zuzanna Nowak – graduated from International Relations with a specialty in diplomacy and consular relations. She’s a trained facilitator with over six years of experience in designing and leading educational/deliberative processes using non-formal methodology.  She supports citizens’ assemblies in and outside of Poland in various capacities: as an expert advisor, co-designer, facilitator, and more. Her greatest professional joy is to help people feel empowered and meaningful. She’s a ceramic artist in the making (studying at the Fine Arts University in Wroclaw) and passionate home cook. She’s also very nice.

Eva Mackeviča– graduate of International Relations, specialising in international business and global economy. She is interested in mediation and conflict resolution. In her free time she engages in youth leadership development, as well as educating on ecological matters. She truly believes that anyone can achieve great things, with a proper mindset, education and inspiration from others, that is why her trust in humanity keeps growing every day.

Our partners

Martina Francesca – she is a group facilitator supporting teams, organizations and communities in applying new models of collaborating. After graduating in electronic engineering, she decided to deepen the topics of facilitation and Transition, working closely with the Italian hub of the Transition Town movement. In 2016 she co-authored a book and deck of cards about facilitation. Today she is a group facilitator in love with her work, and interested in how facilitation, systems thinking, deep ecology, new forms of politics and participation can shape the new, emerging culture. Her website is: