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When organising citizens’ assemblies, the quality of outputs is related to the quality of the process. The design of the process is to a certain extent flexible – many of the design features are context-dependent and tailored to fit the specific community, topic, timeline, etc. The way it is all put together is crucial for its success. So, if there is any aspect of a citizens’ assembly that you would like to ask about  – from initiation to implementation, and anything in between – we are here to support you with our practical experience, knowledge, and good energy (there is no reason preparing an assembly shouldn’t be fun). 

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • preparing civil servants for the citizens’ assembly
  • recruitment of assembly coordinating team
  • choosing an appropriate assembly topic
  • creating the assembly rulebook
  • preparing the sortition process (random stratified selection)
  • drafting the assembly’s timeline and program
  • communicating with experts
  • communicating with stakeholders
  • designing and facilitating learning phase
  • designing and facilitating deliberative phase
  • consensus-oriented voting and decision making methods

We are happy to support civil servants, governments, activists, institutions, and civil society organizations on all levels. 

Workshops & Trainings

We envision a world where citizens’ assemblies are well designed, held to high quality standards, and run with confidence, ease, and joy. Capacity building is our contribution towards making that happen. 

The workshops we offer aim to strengthen the participants’ “democratic muscle” and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to carry out a successful citizens’ assembly. From short one-offs, to long, in-depth training programs, we rely on a non-formal, exploratory methodology, where learning comes from sharing – rather than teaching. Content and format are flexible and adjusted on a case-by-case basis, according to individual needs.    

Design and Coordination of Citizens’ Assemblies

We can both design and run an entire citizens’ assembly process, from conception to completion. Depending on the project – it’s scale and scope – we can do so in cooperation with other partners, or provide conceptual and organizational support at all stages of the process.  

Democratic Innovation and Research 

The way our society does democracy is not set in stone. It is a dynamic, ever-evolving field full of unexplored avenues and innovative solutions. At the Center for Blue Democracy, we draw from all of our experiences to continuously expand our democratic thinking, create new models and develop new processes. Through our publications, we share these developments with the wider community. We also keep in touch with an international network of practitioners and study deliberative events around the world, to inform our design choices and stay on the leading edge of democratic innovation.